{CT} The Event - Teaser Miscellaneous Song
{CT} Incredible Demo Miscellaneous Song
Lady Gaga Rock Cover-Monster General Rock Song
I got a rocking feeling Pop Song
{CT} Short Fugue in D major Classical Song
{CT} Saria's Song Metal- OoT 2 Video Game Song
----Dirty Funk----- Funk Song
~~~~~~Latin Inferno~~~~~~~ World Song
{CT} Reaction to Abstraction Miscellaneous Song
{CT} Omni Miscellaneous Song
{CT} Voxar Techno Song
Sci Fi Background Ambient Loop
{CT} Diary Of A Mad Man Video Game Loop
Turkish Morning Rock Rondo General Rock Song
{CT} Green Apples Zone V-2.1 Video Game Song
{CT} Green Apples Zone Video Game Song
{CT} Techno Beats Techno Song
{CT} Saria's Song Metal - OoT Video Game Song
{CT} Dueling Metal Guitars Heavy Metal Song
Scott's Drums Hip Hop - Modern Song
{CT} House of Usher Classical Loop
Mellow Piano Intro Video Game Loop